From Stress to Success...

What if the real obstacle to fulfillment and success is what you’re not seeing rather than what you are seeing?

  • Are you feeling stressed? Unfulfilled? Overwhelmed?
  • Are you in transition and unclear about your next steps in life or business?
  • Is success (however you define it) eluding you?
  • Are you tired of quick fixes that don’t fix it?

With the uniquely integrated approach of Quantum Sensing™ you can train your brain and your senses to access what was previously invisible. Imagine being able to:

  • Access the powerhouse for positive change that’s 25-50 times more powerful than your conscious mind
  • Dissolve the barriers to fulfillment and success

From Frustration to Fulfillment...

Would you like to change the subconscious programs that could be adversely affecting your health, your stress levels, your relationships, your enjoyment and your ability to succeed in life?

Our goal is to help you shift your limiting patterns and tap into that your true life calling with a very clear, straightforward experience so you can:

  • Realize and express your full potential and passion
  • Attract the abundance and flow you wish for
  • Discover and live in alignment with your true calling in life

Senssoma offers a uniquely integrated way to draw from the wisdom of the senses, the brain, the body and your intuitive knowing. Quantum Sensing™ is a powerful technique to help you move through previously insurmountable obstacles.

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Senssoma Testimonials

Lori Cheung, 'The Pet Photographer' and Founder of Pets for World Peace

lori-Cheung"Through experiencing Senssoma, I live with more vibrant energy. I see beauty and creativity with more brilliance. Thank you Rachel for creating a fun process that has sharpened my perception. I am joyful that I can contribute more value to my clients. Rachel Flower is an extraordinary leader who facilitates empowering results."

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Jacquie Chandler, Corporate Story Coach and Project Manager, Sustainable Tahoe

Jacquie-bio-shot"Senssoma helped me make SENSE of myself and the impact I have on the world I create. What do...taste, smell, vision, hearing, and touch have incommon with your next step/chapter/destiny? Everything! Before Senssoma my energy flow was on the drip system, not able to absorb the abundance of light, water and love trying to nourish me. After Sensoma, this self-created barrier melted away and the flow of nurishment to and from my energetic source is running wild and full."


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